Alu Core

custom plantation shutters are beautiful, high quality, and elegant.
Alu Core has the graceful look of wood plantation shutters, but the strength and durability of a synthetic.
You can have the best of both worlds! They are a beautiful, upscale shutter with a modern flair.
With an elegant elliptical louver profile, these plantation shutters are an excellent choice for the buyer who wants it all.

Major features of Alu Core Custom Plantation Shutters include:
• Aluminum reinforced louvers, rails, and stiles make this shutter as straight as an arrow.
• Louvers available in 2-1/2, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 widths for a spacious "plantation shutters" look.
• Shutters are actually screwed together for superior strength
• Elliptical louver profile
• Superb light, noise and temperature control
• Fire Resistant
• Fully repairable!
• Fully framed if desired. You have your choice of Alu Core frames and inside or outside mount to ensure best look and fit for your windows. All frames come mitered.
• Includes all hinges and magnet sets to keep shutters closed.
• Manufacturer's 25 year limited warranty

Different louver sizes are no-cost options for Alu Core Custom Plantation Shutters. In general, the larger the louver, the less obstructed the views.

Alu Core custom plantation shutters are different than any other synthetic shutter. Aluminum reinforcing is co-extruded with the shutter components (see pictures). This provides for a very strong, rigid, durable shutter that will not bow, warp, peel, crack, or need repainting. Further, unlike other poly shutters that are only glued together, Alu Core’s aluminum reinforcing allows for them to BOLTED together. Alu Core is highly resistant to the environment and are a great choice for areas that will get wet such as showers. Their durability makes them a great choice for shutters over sliding glass doors.
One other quality item to note is the finish. Alu Core custom plantation shutters have a baked-on waterborne finish. The shutter materials are actually painted before they are built into a shutter. This means that the painting process can be highly controlled. All materials are laid flat and painted in a computerized, state-of-the-art painting and fabrication facility. This allows for a very even, smooth coat of paint.

Is Alu Core Right For You?
In the past, Alu Core shutters have only been available to the professional shutter dealer or the professional shutter installer. However, they are now available to everybody. Alu Core shutter panels are rabbeted for greater light control.

Fact verses Fiction:
Ok, let’s clear the air about synthetic shutters. You may be asking yourself why a high quality shutter dealer would be offering a poly shutter. Alu Core shutters have A LOT to offer. The truth of the matter is that many low grade, low quality, entry level synthetic shutters have given synthetic shutters a bad name.

Here are a few things that make Alu Core such high quality plantation shutters:
• They do not absorb moisture.
• Never needs to be repainted.
• Aluminum core in the louvers (and other components) make them as straight as an arrow. With no crown or bow, they provide great light control and insulation.
• Staples in Alu Core shutters actually glue themselves to the tilt rod and louvers.
• Very reasonable price!
• Highly durable and resistant to the environment. They can be installed in bathrooms, over kitchen sinks, or other humid or hot environments. Plus, if they are subjected to weather (for example, if you forget to close the window in a rainstorm) they will not be damaged.
• Because of their V-0 fire rating, only "poly" shutters can be installed in commercial buildings over three stories. (V-0 is the best rating you can have)
• Can be cleaned with almost anything (no abrasive cleaners) without having to worry about the paint finish being damaged.

Why Alu Core is better than Vinyl:
• Vinyl is hollow, which gives vinyl plantation shutters the lowest insulating value of any shutters in the market.
• Being hollow can make it transparent under bright light.
• Vinyl feels cheap. A vinyl shutter is very light and feels like a child's toy.
• Because it is hollow, many vinyl shutters can not have a "mouse" hole or real staples in them. The imitation staples that are on the tilt rod are plastic and tend to become brittle from exposure to the sun, and pull out or break from the tilt rod frequently with normal movement of the shutter.
• The color is injected into the vinyl material when it is molded and will yellow or fade in time due to sun exposure.

Why Alu Core
• Alu Core's aluminum core makes wider louver lengths possible, making the option of wider panels available for a cleaner and less obscured view out of the window. Many Composite Wood shutters are limited to around 28 inches wide. However, Alu Core plantation shutters can have panel widths up to 36 inches wide!
• Alu Core has a harder material surface, reducing the likelihood of dings and dents.
• Alu Core has stronger joints at the stile and rail. The screw together format is the strongest possible format for assembling shutter panels, also allowing for simple unscrew to replace a louver if it becomes damaged.
• No hole strip that can slide up or down in the stile causing uneven gaps between louvers and rails. Alu Core offers a co-extruded one part stile so no cracks are seen between the stile and the hole strip.
• Colors have been developed to match customers’ decor and are highly versatile.